The Secret life of your everyday Supermodel!

The life of being a model isn’t always easy, the glitz and the glamour is only 5% of the finished product, there is a lot that goes in behind the scenes. From the running around to casting calls, to monthly polaroid updates, hearing the one YES after 20 closed doors, and the daily routines of fitness and nutrition.

The world only sees the finished product, so many are unaware of upkeep for us to stay booked and busy, in tip top shape ! However, It took me a while to really appreciate the journey. As a child, I struggled with huge esteem issues due to the effects of bullying, and only resolved once I hit my early 20’s after establishing my faith, connecting with great mentor’s and entering the world of Fashion. It was actually within the modelling industry that I realized my quirks worked to my advantage. The more real I was with myself, the more I healed and developed healthy self-love and positive esteem, which transcended back to my peers. Taking care of my body, which I also call my temple is where I have extended the majority of these efforts.

I focus daily on nutrition and exercise. Practicing weight management keeps me in check for all my other responsibilities, as it requires a great level of self discipline. There are a few platforms I enjoy checking out for tips to help my progress. I definitely recommend readers to check out PopSugar Fitness, Glamour, Pigly, and Harper's Bazaar as I found the workout plans weren’t too strenuous and to the point. There are tones of stellar easy meal preps, along with on the ball weight calculators to help you record and monitor your weight on the go.

Slow and steady always wins the race! The goal isn’t to force our bodies into an unhealthy danger zone, but rather for maintenance and best results. Incorporating tasks like daily walks, water aerobics classes here or there, body weight exercises, even resistance bands or simply jumping rope can kick-speed the journey towards excellence. Not only are we going to improve how we look and feel, there are pro benefits that can help prevent several diseases such as but limited to Cardiovascular conditions and stroke, Hypertension, Type-2 Diabetes, Fatty liver disease, Kidney Disease and various cancers. Focusing on becoming the best versions of ourselves is so important, we have been designed with love so why not show love back !

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