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Teaching children how to be young Entrepreneurs

Teach your children how to be young Entrepreneurs | Written by Nini Amerlise

Ever wondered about a great way to get children engaged to learn about entreprenurship and money management? Some parents and caregivers may think, its to early to start, however studies have shown that early preparation can help set up these young minds on fire for a future of trailblazing success, due to early development with strong entrepenuial foundations.

Since children are drawn to fun ways to learn, why not utilize platform they are already used to right? I came across some brilliant children games online, that make learning about money management and entreprenuership super fun! If I had access to these as a litte girl, I probably would have capacity for so much more back then. While playing Pizza Baker on it breaks down the process of what it looks like to run a business, and the importance of productivity. The more pizza completed in the game the more your score went up, which is the equalivalent undertsanding that the more product is distrubted the more sales will increase producing more revenue and longevity. In Pizza Baker it also stresses the importance of sticking to the client requests within a timley manner and no freestyling, to gain ultimate customer satisfaction.

I also enjoyed playing cash back as it's super interactive and allows one to think quick on their feet. With the ultimate test of teaching children money management when clients purchase products. In the long run this will optimize whether the business is gaining or losing captial and how to stratigize if mistakes are made.

These games are somthing I can see my daughter playing in the future as she gets a little bit older, Very exctited to see her walk in my foot steps as an entrprenuer.

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