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Hey Royals! If you are a first time mom like myself, or maybe an aunt, a teacher or an overseer, you may be brainstorming for your child’s future and how you can make education more fun and interactive for their young developing minds.

For me I always imagined parenthood as then perfect opportunity to give the best to our children, especially in areas we may have missed out on while growing up. I’ve always been a hands on learner, and I believe how intentional we are concerning the early development of these young minds, will help shape them towards thriving future.

I came across a memory game called “Online Simon Says Simulator”,on that seems to help with cognitive retention, as it encourages players to remember the order of the lights which were activated and having to replicate it. Not only does it sharpen thinking skills, it also helps one to understand basic tools like structure, patterns, rhythm and coordination, with the addition of building quick thinking processes. I find it very effecting and stimulating even for myself being in my late twenties, how much more the sponge like mind of a child who can quickly adapt and learn at a faster rate.

With the holidays well underway, a fun game like “snowman “ challenge gets the mind pumping and into the holiday mood, as you have the opportunity to solve and use letters to spell out the words and phrases. You only get 5 lives, so one has to be fast and efficient when selecting. These types of games expands the minds capacity to think out side the box, while still entertaining.

Lastly, math was always a weak area for me so I looked for some games I think my daughter will enjoy once she grows into her childhood years. The game “True Number Operator” challenges you to be a sharp thinker with a big timer on the screen counting you down, with an array of varying equations to solve. The more you go up a level, the more you retain the equations, solving the questions more easier each time you play. Ultimately this game can potentially also help with overall reaction time in everyday activities and interactions.

Through observation, I believe online gaming can be very useful and effective for children when applied in a very constructive and still very fun way ! Children's growing minds deserve the best tools to be successful, I recommend doing your research to be able to find the best gaming options available. Stay tuned for more blogs in the coming weeks, if you enjoyed todays post feel free to share you thoughts and comments, keep shining royals.



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