Influencer Spotlight Nini Amerlise

Nini Amerlise is an International Supermodel, Graphic artist and Founder of Non profit organization, integrating arts and storytelling as an esteem development tool for the youths. All while documenting her daily life in blogs and her trending instagram account @Nini_4u. She uses her love for fashion and the arts to create striking visuals along with helpful tips for confidence growth to help promote positive mental health and self worth after her many years of championing the effects of bullying.

Nini’s recent partnership with intellifluence, has opened the profound awareness of the growing niche as an “influencer”. It has been on an increasing rise within the last 5 years, as many are joining in on the trending movement. Nini has a grand list of partnerships with hotels, top tier events, fashion, skin care , and restaurants from all over the globe ranging from Canada, USA, Europe and South Africa! Her followers never know what she’s up to next, as she takes the mystery approach, making the journey highly engaging to stay tuned in.

What led to becoming an influencer ?

Nini’s beginning’s into the influencer world was a bit quaint, she was an introverted model on a hunt for self discovery in 2014 when she decided to open a new instagram account in search for change. Over the duration of a couple weeks through observation on her explorer page, she recognized the countless influencer endorsements for skin, clothing and hair care products, with unsurety whether these influencers were being compensated or not. Sparking a new journey for Nini, the awareness of her brand grew in the fashion industry and began to funnel in companies reaching out to her to promote new fashion looks in exchange for providing them with photos. As her fan base grew, her engagement increased, catching the attention for larger deals presented with reasonable compensation.

She tailored her branding in the fashion, beauty, food and arts niche to keep the consistency of the brand identity relevant and not too broad.Thus bridging a strong relationship with her followers, yet with the sky rocket of new influencers who’ve joined multiple social media platforms caused an over saturation in the niche. Making it pivotal to create authentic eye grabbing content with a mix of great scenery, colours, adding videos here and there while using cool fonts to convey the message had helped her to stand out. The importance of adding location details, tags, hashtags and the description will definitely make or break a post. Nini’s content is always informing and motivational, drawing you fully into the experience as if you were right there walking along the journey.

What does a successful partnership verses a not so good one look like ?

Nini has worked with popular brands like Skechers, Opheila Maquillage , Beauty pass, Grace foods, Kyle Roberts Designs, Aaliyana Eyewear, Ellie shoes, Nirvax and much more. In most cases Nini selects paid endorsement on per post basis or package options, keep the exchange very direct with mutual benefit. Many start up brands prey on Mirco-influencers who are news to paid partnerships and tend to take advantage in providing options like affiliate marketing which is not incredibly bad but takes more work to promote to gain a profit. Nini loathes this options as she deems it very time consuming and requires patience to make it work. If you are a content creator who likes to get projects out of the way within a few days then an influencer pay per post or package rates is definitely the way to go.

Nini has encountered many brands who request her to purchase items first and receive a percentage per sale, which most start up companies do for a while to slowly grow revenue. You can easily spot them out via the proposals offered as they tend to come off with a salesman tonality which will never fly with someone who knows the business. It's good to keep an eye out for these. Ultimately every influencer must know the value of their brand and make the best decisions suitable for their maximum goals and potential.

What’s the future like for influencers ?

It is key not to focus on just being an influencer, rather integrating what you already do and are passionate about helps for longevity. Consumers are always looking for something new and unheard of, by merging transferable strengths and skills sets while making relevant content opens the doors for unstoppable growth and visibility to new followers who come in contact with your platform, making you an irreplaceable demand. Nini studies her growth and recognizes day by day her unique abilities and personality attributes strengthen her content and overall reach. Once you can provide solutions in a creative way, you will have your core followers for a long time, while connecting with new ones. Companies are no longer taking the regular route of constantly hiring new models for TV commercials when influencers can simply create an ad from home with their high tech gear or even the latest mobile phones to get the look these representatives are looking for. Ultimately recognizing that influencers are the future of our generation for all things Marketing, media and the virtual world.

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