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Are You a Gaming Fashionista ?

The adventures of a gamer never seem to cease, whether one plays online, on a game console, solo, or with friends there is always a game for everyone. Over the years I have developed a large selection of go to’s and few new additions that I stumble upon from time to time.

I enjoy games that either challenge me and test my mental stamina or are completely all about fashion and fun! These are games that I usually find online. Can you imagine there are hundreds of free games available just from your browser which you can access either by computer, phone, or tablet. Some of my go-to gaming sites include 247 games, Free Online Games (FOG),, and Msn Games. All of these game sites are AD-free which makes the experience worthwhile and completely memorable.

Being a natural fashionista I gravitate to games to allow my stylish expression to arise. The “Fashion Dress up game” on completely speaks my language as I have the opportunity to virtually style a representation that looks like myself and my boyfriend in cute trendy clothing. The game has a huge selection of garments and looks to choose from loads of glamourous dresses, tops and skirts, pants, accessorized fancy shoes, and cool chic hairstyles. However, I do wish there were more hair options to match my super coily hair but other than that I totally enjoy all the features of the game.

Another cool thing I noticed after I complete my styling is that you can take a photo of your finished look on a cool TV set backdrop, how neat is that?

You can also find other cool dress-up games on sites like Poki, or which keeps the gaming experience always fun with new discoveries, if you’re friends also love dress up games and digital makeovers, be sure to tell them about these games and plenty of others outside that niche that are available. Be sure to give this article give a thumbs up by sharing your feedback, and stay tuned for next’s week's topic.



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