3 Types of Events That Jazz Bands Are A Must According to Canadian Supermodel Nini Amerlise

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Many have probably wondered what my go to genre for music would be? Funny enough Jazz has always been at the top of my list; I've always been an old soul who can't resist the melodic tones and rich sultry sounds that emits each time I take a listen. Jazz is an extremely unique type of music that isn’t often heard today. Although jazz used to be an extremely popular form of music, it's been a long time since the golden age of jazz. That being said, jazz music still has its place in the modern world, even though the music isn’t as popular as it once was. In fact, there are even some events where jazz bands definitely should be in attendance. So when should you look for jazz bands for hire for your event? Here are three types of events that jazz bands are a must.


One of the best events to hire jazz bands for are weddings. When it comes to weddings, jazz bands can actually offer a whole lot. First, jazz bands can be solemn and soft, meaning they’re the perfect type of live entertainment for a wedding. A jazz band can be fantastic background music for all of the important moments of your wedding, including your first dance. That being said, jazz music can also be lively and eventful. Due to this, a jazz band can also be perfect once your wedding transitions from a solemn and serious event to something that is more like a celebration. Jazz bands can be extremely versatile, making them perfect for an event that can have such a drastic switch in mood and seriousness like a wedding does.

Corporate Events

Jazz bands are typically best suited as background contributors, helping to build the overall ambiance of an event or party. Although this certainly doesn’t mean they can’t be the main focus, they don’t necessarily need all the fanfare or attention that other live entertainers need in order to do their jobs. Due to this, jazz bands are perfect for formal corporate events. In these events, the jazz band isn’t the main focus, but instead simply adds background music to enhance the event. You might not think that this is that important, but improving the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the event is actually critical to having a successful corporate event. As a result, jazz bands fit in perfectly with these types of events.

Charity Events

Another great event that Jazz bands slot perfectly into are charity events. Much like corporate events, charity events are often pretty formal and serious. Due to this, you likely don’t want a form of live entertainment that draws too much away from other aspects of the event. Jazz bands can slot in perfectly here, adding in some nice ambiance into your charity auction or dinner. Jazz bands can even be really flexible, performing a much more traditional concert as the centerpiece for the event once its winding down. Charity events have a very specific atmosphere about them, and it can often be hard to find live entertainment that enhances this atmosphere. Thankfully, jazz bands are perfect for formal events like this, so you definitely should consider them.

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