Thigh High Socks Overload!

If you love that over the knee sassy chic look, you got to have yourself a pair of thigh high socks in your closest! As a fashion connoisseur, supermodel and influencer I always love wearing a variety of looks on the go. Whether its baby doll fun, or super sporty, business casual or super elegant, I am placed in the midst of it all like a chameleon in the rainforest, easy to adapt to any environment !

I currently have a reignited love for knee high socks! You can pair them with a variety of looks, however my go to with this items, is always a cute baby doll skirt and a cute pair of ankle boots. Recently, I purchased two new pairs of premium quality thigh highs, one lilac light purple and the other black with cute Rasta vibes stripes at the top. I noticed they are pretty tough, no fraying, nor sagging, looks like I will be able to have them around for quite sometime.

For all you Knee high sock lovers, I would recommend checking out the Chrissy Socks online store, ebay, or even amazon if you are still on a search for a great pair.

stay tuned next for my next article, for some more awesome fashion tips.

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