If your a secret gamer like myself, while everyone thinks your only the type to be on the job, family and exercise all day long you’re going to enjoy this read! I myself get placed into a cookie cutter mold as a supermodel and influencer ALL THE TIME 24/7 ! Okay.. yes its true that 75% of the time I am usually onset getting ready to shoot for an awesome fashion collection, however its always great to have your chill moments to simply unwind and relax from those long hours of work!

Believe it or not I am an online gammer, I love games that are to the point and helps me engage and stimulate my retention span and quick thinking skills. Games like Pac Man , Mahjong, scrabble , word search you name it. I use a number of website to play games online like io Games , Yepi , A10 and . I usually catch myself gaming on the weekends or during the evenings, I grab myself either a nice cool glass of tropical punch or hot cocoa depending on the weather and a bag of popcorn to complete the experience.

I came across a fun game named “Cookie Monster” very similar to pac man, where you have to try not get eaten by the antagonist ghost looking trolls and collect all the pellets to advance to the next round. When the ghost troll beings turn into cookies after consuming the 4 power pellets I get super excited, and try to gobble them all at once ! It also some what gets me hungry to want to consume chocolate chip cookies in real life LOL, making the game a little addicting to play. Speaking of addicting, let’s talk about my ever growing love for word search games! I have been apart of the word search experience since a young child into my adult years; it never gets old.

Whether in a paper back book or online the adventure of searching for hidden words intrigues me and many others around the globe. Lately, I have ventured in the online experience, gaming on What I like about this online version is that it literally has a clock timer indicating how long it takes a player to find all the words, and at the bottom right side of the screen, it gives you the option to play music to motivate you along. Each time I play, I make it a goal to improve my time duration with hopes to solve the puzzle more quickly than the previous level. In a nutshell this is a little snippet of my gaming experience, be sure to stay tuned for my next blog post !

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