GRATITUDE IS A MUST, NINI AMERLISE WON BEST CANADIAN MODEL 2019 BY BLACKS ✨👑 (Click the link for full Voting results)

Royals Last weekend was mind blowing, as I was sitting in the audience and saw a room filled of entrepreneurs being recognized for their excellence at the @ByBlacks award ceremony, I said wow am I really amongst these greats ??? 🙏🏾 . To follow in the footsteps of esteem advocate and Supermodel @winnieharlow who won this very Award I hold in my hands “Best Canadian Model” the year prior in 2018, is an indication where the Lord is bringing me and his children all over the globe. It’s amazing to know that Winnie went to school with my big brother @kadzy23 , That’s how I know everything in life is connected. Thank you for every Royal who took the time to Vote daily, you are individually very special to me. @ByBlacks thank you for such a powerful platform, I am truly honoured to be the recipient of this award I hope to make you all proud ❤️ . Royals In the words of Newly Grammy award winning @originalkoffee “GRATITUDE IS A MUST” she advocates We can’t not go about life without gratitude. Be grateful for every moment and keep pressing on , be apart of the journey . . Styling by certified Cosmetics @notecosmeticssa Sponsored looks @missbeida @suzyshier Headwrap @shenbolen


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