From bullied to Supermodel Nini Amerlise shares her story with Pulse Nigeria

Life Conversations is an interview series at Pulse that tells the intriguing stories and tales of people in fashion, health, relationships, travels, beauty, food and life in general. Nini Amerlise is a Ghanaian-Canadian supermodel who shares her touching life story.

Growing up

Nini's childhood experiences were interspersed with a lot of hurdles. Her father was absent for most of her childhood. At the age of 3, she watched as her father physically abused her mother.

For Nini watching her unstable father not only beat up her mother but go on to have 12 children with different women and not marry any of them made her have a skewed perception of men, bordering on hatred.

“I was always defensive and rude to men. My attitude was extremely poor. It also damaged my self-esteem. I was never told that I was beautiful. I wasn’t told that I was beautiful at home.”

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